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Jewellery based on fold-forming

"Swoop" pendant 2013 Fine silver, fold-formed.

The general technique of fold-forming, discovered and popularized by Canadian metal artist, Charles Lewton-Brain, has been adopted by a number of artists around the world. I am relatively new at using the technique, but I like it because it is possible to create very interesting, curvy, and textured three dimensional forms with only a hammer. I use fine (999) silver, 0.4-0.5mm thickness, for this work. That makes the pieces very light. Despite the thinness of the metal the pieces are quite robust because the hammer work stiffens the metal. I hope you agree that the curves and textures produced using this technique give these pieces a distinctive beauty.

Earrings 2014 Fine (999) silver, Chinese turquoise beads

The above piece has a very simple structure. In this case, one basic line fold was confirmed with a ball-peen hammer to get a nicely textured center line. The line textures to either side of the center line were made with a cross-peen hammer before shaping the form.

The following pieces were formed with a cross-peen hammer after folding to get the basic shape. But further elaboration of the 3-dimensional shape was done with the fingers and a non-marring hammer over wooden forms.

Brooch 2015 Fold-formed fine (999) silver
Pendant 2015 Fold-formed fine (999) silver
Pendant 2015 Fold-formed fine (999) silver